Jan 18 2018

Cara Memperbaiki Automatic Repair couldn’t repair your PC

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How to fix Automatic Repair couldn’t repair your PC: Windows 10 is the latest operating system offered by Microsoft and with each Windows upgrade Microsoft is trying their best to overcome the limitation and shortcoming of various issues found in earlier versions of Windows. But there are some errors which are common to all versions of Windows including boot failure being the major one. Boot failure can happen with any version of Windows including Windows 10.


Automatic repair is generally able to fix the boot failure error, this is a built-in option which comes along with Windows itself. When Windows 10 running system fails to boot, Automatic Repair option tries to repair Windows automatically. In most cases, automatic repair fixes various issues related to boot failures but like any other program, it also has its limitations and sometimes Automatic Repair fails to work.

Automatic Repair fails because there are some errors or corrupted or missing files in your operating system installation that prevent Windows from starting correctly and if Automatic Repair fails then you won’t be able to get into Safe Mode. Often a failed automatic repair option will show you some kind of error message like this one:

Automatic Repair couldn’t repair your PC.

Press “Advanced options” to try other options to repair your PC or “Shut down” to turn off your PC.

Log file: C:\WINDOWS\System32\Logfiles\Srt\SrtTrail.txt

In a situation when Automatic Repair couldn’t repair your PC, Bootable installation media or Recovery Drive/System Repair Disc are helpful in such cases. Let’s get started and see step by step how you can fix Automatic Repair couldn’t repair your PC error.

Note: For each and every step below you need to have Bootable installation media or Recovery Drive/System Repair Disc and if you don’t have one then create one. If you don’t want to download the entire OS from the website then you use your friends PC to create the disc using this link Or go here if you have working internet connection and PC.

IMPORTANT: Never convert a Basic disk that contains your operating system to a Dynamic disk, as it could make your system unbootable.

Open Command Prompt:

NOTE: You need to do that a lot in all the methods listed in this fix.

a)Put in the Windows installation media or Recovery Drive/System Repair Disc and select your language preferences, and click Next.


b)Click Repair your computer at the bottom.


c)Now choose Troubleshoot and then Advanced Options.


d)Select Command Prompt (With networking) from the list of options.


Fix Automatic Repair couldn’t repair your PC:

Method 1: Fix boot and rebuild BCD

1.Open Command prompt and type the following commands one by one & hit enter:

(a) bootrec.exe /rebuildbcd
(b) bootrec.exe /fixmbr
(c) bootrec.exe /fixboot


2.After completing each command successfully type exit.

3.Restart your PC to see if you boot to windows.

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