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Apr 17 2017

Solution for hung_task_timeout_secs

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Solution for hung_task_timeout_secs


By default Linux uses up to 40% of the available memory for file system caching. After this mark has been reached the file system flushes all outstanding data to disk causing all following IOs going synchronous. For flushing out this data to disk this there is a time limit of 120 seconds by default. In the case here the IO subsystem is not fast enough to flush the data withing 120 seconds. As IO subsystem responds slowly and more requests are served, System Memory gets filled up resulting in the above error, thus serving HTTP requests.


I tested this theory with the following:
Change vm.dirty_ratio and vm.dirty_backgroud_ratio

someuser@servercore [/home/someuser]$ sudo sysctl -w vm.dirty_ratio=10
someuser@servercore [/home/someuser]$ sudo sysctl -w vm.dirty_background_ratio=5

Commit Change

someuser@servercore [/home/someuser]# sudo sysctl -p

Make it permanent

When the server seemed more stable and no Kernel/Swap/Memory Panic for a week, I edited /etc/sysctl.conf file to make these permanent after reboot.

someuser@servercore [/home/someuser]$ sudo vi /etc/sysctl.conf

ADD 2 lines at the bottom

vm.dirty_background_ratio = 5
vm.dirty_ratio = 10

Save and exit.

someuser@servercore [/home/someuser]$ sudo reboot

That’s it. I never had this issue .. ever again..

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Apr 10 2017

mengubah harddisk berpartisi GPT menjadi MBR :

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mengubah harddisk berpartisi GPT menjadi MBR :
  1. Pastikan data dihardisk sobat telah di Backup karena syarat menghapus GPT Partision Style adalah menghapus seluruh isi harddisk
  2. Ubah Boot mode UEFI menjadi CSM / Legal Boot (Masuk BIOS - Advance - System Configuration - Boot Mode). Cara masuk bios berbeda pada setiap laptop, ada yang menggunakan F2, F8, dan F10
  3. Jalankan CD instalasi windows
  4. Setelah di halaman welcome instalasi, ketik Shift+F10 (akan tampil cmd administrator)
  5. Ketik “diskpart” (memanggil aplikasi diskpart)
  6. Ketik “list disk” (menampilkan seluruh list partisi hardisk)
  7. Lihat partisi disk yang ada tanda * pada kolom GPT
  8. Ketik “select disk nomor_disk” (ganti nomor_disk dengan nomor partisi disk yang ada tanda * pada kolom GPT)
  9. Ketik “clean”
  10. Setelah itu exit

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